I don’t always hate the rain. When it’s hot and humid and sticky and you’ve been waiting for a storm for days, and it’s a downpour of round, fat raindrops and you go out in a bathing suit and twirl on the grass barefoot as you get soaked instantly, and then in ten minutes the sun comes back and the whole world is refreshed… when that happens I love the rain. 

Today’s rain is not that kind of rain. Today’s rain is cold. Dreary. Incessant. It’s the kind of rain that mists all around you. The kind of rain that doesn’t seem so bad when you step out the door, but a few blocks later it’s found a way to soak into you. And it doesn’t even have the decency to get you soaked and then fall to the ground. Instead it seeps into every part of you, leaving you damp for the entire day. And it doesn’t stop. It’s out there all day long, never providing you with even a five minute break to dash to your car, hoping you make it before the clouds decide to open up again. It doesn’t even fall, just swirls around with the cold wind that accompanies it. 

April showers bring May flowers. I hope some flowers show up soon. The world could use some colour right now. 


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